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Quality coffee, real beans, real milk !!

Smart Cafe touch screen machines are capable of crafting over 200+ drink combinations. Always using fresh milk and freshly ground Signature Blend beans, the Smart Café is an irresistible coffee experience for partners seeking quality coffee.

Check it out !!

Smart Cafe Demo

The fully Interactive HD touch screen is simple and intuitive, for an engaging consumer experience.



Making Headlines

Costa Coffee commits to halving carbon emissions per coffee serving by 2030

Costa Coffee to accelerate its carbon transition after committing to halving carbon emissions per serving of coffee by 2030, with a target approved by the internationally recognised Science-Based Targets initiative

Costa Coffee’s new drink additions for March are guaranteed to put a spring in your step

Costa Coffee is introducing a range of delicious new drinks for Spring across Costa Coffee stores and select Smart Cafe machines

Costa Coffee triumphs as the U.K.s Favourite Coffee Shop for the 12th year in a row

In a survey of more than 4,000 UK consumers, World Coffee Portal asked the Great British public to name their favourite coffee shop

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